Upcoming Opportunities

Peru - Medical Micro Team

Jun 2-13, 2023
Cusco, PE
1 spot left
Peru, Medical, 18+ + 2 more

Peru General Team

Jun 2-13, 2023
Cusco, PE
3 spots left
Peru, Construction, Evangelism + 4 more

Kae Noi, Thailand General Team

Jun 15-27, 2023
Kae Noi, TH
17 spots left
Thailand, Helping Those In Need, Agriculture + 4 more

Kae Noi, Thailand - Medical Micro Team

Jun 15-27, 2023
Kae Noi, TH
12 spots left
Thailand, Medical, 18+ + 2 more

Our Impact

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About Us

In Global Compassion at Eastside, our vision is to transform the world by inspiring people to come to Jesus, deepen their faith and reflect the God's heart through tangible acts of kindness.

We provide transformative experiences that serve others and inspire everyone to take next steps on their spiritual journey.

We value the great commission by inviting people to follow Jesus and the great commandment by pursuing God and loving our neighbors.
We believe the best way to fulfill the great commission and the great commandment around the world is to partner with high-capacity national leaders committed to the ministry of the local church.
We champion global partners who are holistic in nature; meeting spiritual, physical, emotional needs.
We believe that investing in a child’s life is our best hope for the future.
We value and pursue sustainability.
We believe Global Compassion trips are a catalyst for spiritual growth.
We believe tangible acts of kindness honor God and create a heightened desire in others to consider Jesus’ invitation to follow Him.


Trip with your teenager!

By Steve Rogers on 6/24/2022

As parents we know that when they get older its more difficult t...


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Past Opportunities

Kargi, Kenya - Medical Micro Team

May 18-27, 2023
Kargi, KE
6 spots left
Kenya, Medical, 18+ + 2 more

Santiago, Chile - High School Team

Apr 1-8, 2023
Santiago, CL
4 spots left
Chile, High School, Level 4 + 1 more

Ralco, Chile - Build Micro Team

Mar 4-15, 2023
Ralco, CL
7 spots left
Chile, Construction, 18+ + 2 more

Event #11968

Dec 10,2022
1 spot left
Mexico, Helping Those In Need, Level 3 + 1 more